Parents Webinar: Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Addiction

In 2020, we had 2765 Singapore secondary school students complete COMEBACK’s Game Dependency Test. 19.4% of the students have game dependency, with 4% being significant. This means that one out of five teenagers in Singapore have some form of disruptions in their lives related to gaming. To read the full report, go to Games […]

My First Experience with a Gacha Game

Recently, there were several  articles about loot boxes and how it can be addictive to players:  “What exactly are loot boxes?”  Loot boxes are in-game mystery boxes which may contain desirable in-game items such as strong weapons, beautiful costumes and rare characters. It is usually not possible to buy or trade […]

Game Dependency in Singapore – Secondary School Students 2020

Introduction Game dependency refers to a situation where gamers become dependent on games, engaging in a gaming lifestyle that disrupts some areas of their lives. Some areas of disruption include relationships, school or work performance, and personal health. The National Institute of Education (NIE) conducted a study¹ in 2010 on pathological video-gaming rates in Singapore, […]

Violent Games and Aggression

Does playing violent video games elicit aggressive behaviours among young gamers? This is a common question posed by many parents. After all, games are becoming increasingly accessible in recent years, with current and upcoming popular games being made available on the mobile device. Some research has shown that violent video games may elicit aggressiveness among young […]

The 4 Gamer Player Types

Gamers are not all the same. We have different motivations and objectives when we play. Gamers can be categorised in 4 broad categories called Player Types. ⁠The 4 broad Player Types are Achievers, Gurus, Explorers and Socializers. We will explain each of the Player Types in a little more detail below. Achiever Player Type Achievers […]

#PlayApartTogether Family Gaming Fun During COVID-19

WHO recommends video games as an effective way of stop the spread of COVID-19 and working with the gaming industry to launch the #PlayApartTogether campaign. Below are a few links to the news releases: In response to this campaign, our Esports Coach Ruth Lim picked a few games that can provide great family fun […]

My PSLE and O Levels Regrets

My PSLE and O Levels Regrets I had two regrets growing up. The first was missing out on one question in my Mathematics paper during PSLE. This question cost me 8 marks. The second was missing the last page of my A Mathematics paper for O Levels, this time costing me 28 marks. The regrets […]