Parents Webinar

Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Dependency

Gamers panel on the right and parents panel on the left at the first Parents Seminar in 2019
Speakers of Parents Webinar 21 Nov 2020

About the Parents Webinar

The first edition of the Parents Seminar took place onsite with a parents panel and a gamers panel over two Saturdays held at Halogen Training Room in 2019.  

The objective of the seminar, and now webinar is to share the knowledge we have about games. gamers and game addiction/dependency to parents so that relationship between parent and a gaming child can be improved. 

This is an annual webinar that usually happens in May/June. We do make some exceptions to run it twice a year, depending on demand. We are also constantly trying to get sponsorship and support to have the webinar available without cost to parents. We have grown from about 20 registrants in 2019 to 1,000 registrants in 2022 May. 

The content of each webinar will be updated with the latest trend while the core remains. Follow our social media for updates of upcoming Parents Webinar.

A big thank you to Zhiying and team at MediaCorp 8 News for doing up such an insightful segment about gaming. They interviewed Pauline Phoon, COMEBACK founder and also Jane Kee (Huiyi) who attended our Parents Webinar in May 2022. The team has condensed the much information that Pauline shared in a very concise manner for the last 2 minute. 

非常感谢新传媒新闻部的颜季莹和同事制作了如此有见地的游戏片段。他们采访了 COMEBACK 创始人 Pauline Phoon 和慧仪,她2022年五月参与了我们的家长网络研讨会。在最后 2 分钟,制作组用非常简洁的方式浓缩了 Pauline 分享的信息。

Parents Feedback

Greatest takeaway will be Nic’s session where I now fully understand the reasons why talking and giving advice to the youngsters nowadays often fell to deaf ears where their foolish acts will be repeatedly seen when their neurological development and functions are not fully matured enough to learn from their mistakes. Thank you for the inspiring session where all the speakers have delivered the topics very clearly and well which is easily digestible for us parents and I hope there will be more sessions like this which I can recommend to my friends as well. Though 3 hours may seem long but attending the session itself is actually short, considering there are so much to learn from.


Parents Webinar 21 May 2022

I really liked that the session started off with setting the audience’s perception about online games and gamers. It was an awakening moment for me to learn that video games are not wrong and even beneficial for development. I use to think that online gaming is not recommended for young children considering the possibility of being exposed to inappropriate content; and the effect on health and socio development etc. Next comes the section on child’s brain development – it may seem technical but understanding the science behind how our children respond to situation helps parents to reframe their perception on behaviours and hence being able to recalibrate our own responses to help our developing children create the right neuro pathways into their adolescent years and early adulthood.
Great tips and realistic examples were also given to illustrate the learnings throughout.
Thumbs up to the team!

Jane Kee

Parents Webinar 26 May 2021

The whole session was so informative and engaging that we were glued to the Zoom session for the entire 3+ hour session. At first I thought it was another boring talk. The format was superb with the honest sharing of past young gamers, an almost clinical look at the the issue and a moderator for the session. Our teenaged kids even watched part of it when they saw their familiar games being mentioned and opened the doors for some conversation. The panelists answered ALL questions, which was really useful for cross-sharing. My biggest takeaway was the heartfelt sharing from the 2 past gamers – gives a sense of realism to the entire session. Thanks so much for organising this superb sesson! Good job and well done! Will definitely encourage more parents to join future sessions!

Cindy Chua

Parents Webinar 21 Nov 2020

Resources for You

Understanding Games and Gamers is put together for both non-gamers and gamers. Understanding a little about game design empowers the gamer to have better control. Player motivations is explained through gamer types that are mapped to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

COMEBACK Parents Resource – Here’s a compilation of COMEBACK articles and videos that might be helpful to parents. 

Parents SOOS Group​

We welcome parents to join our private Parents Facebook Group that we put out updates occasionally, whenever they are available. Please feel free to request to join and we will add you into the group. 

We also have a Parents Resource put together for you at