We offer up-to-date and evidence-based training programmes specially designed for schools and parents/families. 

The Game Addiction Talk

For Schools: Students

This is designed as an online assembly talk suitable for students from P1 to tertiary as the message through a real personal story of struggle with games by one of our staff, who is also a fellow gamer. After the sharing, there will be a Q&A session where we have seen students come forward to ask very genuine questions about their struggles with games. 

This talk comes with an online worksheet, which includes COMEBACK Game Dependency Test, and for older students, also the COMEBACK Gamer Player Type Test. A report of the completed worksheet will be provided to the school. 

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TeleTrip Workshop

For Schools: Students and Parents

Play is a very effective tool for learning and training. At TeleTrip Workshop, through  intentional design, we engage young people through the playing of popular video games to learn soft skills like social, communication, teamwork and open-mindedness. 

This workshop has a parent-child version where each team is made up of family members. It is a great time of bonding and for family to work together in a fun but intense setting. Through play and laughter, win and loss, stronger relationships are forged with fond memories.

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Teachers Workshop: Managing Excessive Gaming

For Schools: Teachers/Educators 

This is a 3-hour long workshop that is designed and conducted for Singapore Ministry of Education CCE Key Personnels Professional Development, Module 3C Managing Excessive Gaming. 

We have conducted 15 sessions of this workshop to date and more scheduled for the teachers from the Ministry of Education. 

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Parents Webinar: Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Dependency

For Parents

In 2022 May, we did our 5th edition of the Parents Webinar with 1,000 slots fully taken up within 2 weeks. This webinar was conceptualised when we noticed an understanding gap between parents and their gaming child, which can cause tension in the family. The objective of this webinar is to help parents understand their gaming child’s behaviour, emotions and thoughts so as to build deeper relationships within the family.

The Parents Webinar is an annual event but for some years we do an additional run due to demand. Keep a look out for our announcements for the next Parents Webinar. 

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Parenting Challenge Workshop: Communicating & Engaging Gaming Youths at Home through Role Play

For Parents

This 2-hour workshop is a follow-up to our Parents Webinar: Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Addiction. During the Webinar, communication strategies and theories on games and gamers were introduced. The application of the strategies and theories in a real-life family situation is not easy.

Role play is a good tool to help contextualize the strategies and theories for home situations and deepen the adoption of strategies by reenacting them in a safe environment. 

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Parents SOOS Group​

We welcome parents to join our private Parents Facebook Group that we put out updates occasionally, whenever  they are available. Please feel free to request to join and we will add you into the group.