Parenting Challenge Workshop

Communicating & Engaging Gaming Youths at Home through Role Play

About the Workshop

This 2-hour workshop is a follow-up to our Parents Webinar: Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Addiction. During the Webinar, communication strategies and theories on games and gamers were introduced. The application of the strategies and theories in a real-life family situation is not easy.

Role play is a good tool to help contextualize the strategies and theories for home situations and deepen the adoption of strategies by reenacting them in a safe environment. For example, role play is used to rehearse the diffusion of difficult situations to prevent confrontations that can jeopardise parent-child relationships.

COMEBACK psychologists will put out common scenarios in families and through role play to illustrate the application of the strategies and theories discussed.

The Parenting Challenge Workshop on 29 May 2022 at Digital for Life Festival. Each workshop is kept small to facilitate interaction between parents and COMEBACK Psychologists.

Parents Feedback

Better understanding of our kids after learning on the way the brain developed especially during the teen. 

Mark Sim

Parenting Challenge Workshop 29 May 2022

Internal vs external control psychology. Role play was useful in applying the strategies to real life situations


Parenting Challenge Workshop 28 May 2022

Nicholas was very candid & gave a lot of real life examples & practical techniques to talk to our children. Would be good to have multiple facilitators & do role plays. But i can imagine that to be a half day class or even 1 whole day. 

Tracy Teo

Parenting Challenge Workshop 22 May 2022

Resources for You

Understanding Games and Gamers is put together for both non-gamers and gamers. Understanding a little about game design empowers the gamer to have better control. Player motivations is explained through gamer types that are mapped to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

COMEBACK Parents Resource – Here’s a compilation of COMEBACK articles and videos that might be helpful to parents. 

Parents SOOS Group​

We welcome parents to join our private Parents Facebook Group that we put out updates occasionally, whenever  they are available. Please feel free to request to join and we will add you into the group. 

We also have a Parents Resource put together for you at