The Game Addiction Talk

Specially designed for school assemblies

About the Game Addiction Talk

The Game Addiction Talk seeks to help youths understand some basic game design psychology and player types that answers the questions “WHY games can be addictive?” and “WHY I am so motivated to game?” By understanding the “why”, students are better equipped to make wiser choices in games.

Through the story of Poh Xing Yong, our Associate Psychologist, we seek to help students to be more aware of their player types and gaming motivations. Xing Yong’s personal struggles and victories in gaming and life makes the talk real and relatable. Students learn that they can be in control of games and their life when they understand games and themselves better.

Screenshot of the Game Addiction Talk Online Worksheet

Online Worksheet

After the Game Addiction Talk, an online worksheet is provided to the students. The online worksheet includes the COMEBACK Game Dependency Test and the COMEBACK Gamer Player Types for students. The questions are simple to answer with multiple choice options. So the students just need to click on the answer that best describe to themselves. It should not take  more than 15min to complete for Secondary School students.

Immediately upon completion, students will be able to see their game dependency results and player types. 

Report for School

About 2 weeks after the closing of submission of the Online Worksheet, a report will be provided to the school which includes results of their COMEBACK Game Dependency Test and COMEBACK Gamer Player Type Test. A zoom meeting will be scheduled with the school teachers to go through the report and to answer any questions..


This is a fully online talk. The talk portion is a recorded video but the Q&A section is live. 

For schools that prefer an onsite talk, there’ll be additional charges due to travel time and higher health risks.

The talk is about 20 min where concepts are interwoven in a personal story of overcoming game dependency. After which, it will be an open Q&A session for the students. The duration of Q&A can be decided based on availability of time. 

There is no maximum or minimum number of students for this talk. The duration and the cost of the talk is the same regardless of the number of students attending. 

The Game Addiction Talk cost $1,200 inclusive of the online worksheet and report.

For the talk to be onsite, the school can top-up an additional $300.

As the talk itself is in the form of a personal story, it is suitable for students from Primary 1 to tertiary. 

The online worksheet is adjusted for different levels. For students who are below Primary 5, the COMEBACK Gamer Player Type Test will not be included as the test is not suitable for younger students.

For primary school students, we encourage teachers to go through the online worksheet with their class to help them comprehend the questions. This will greatly increase the accuracy of the report for the school.

The report will be in Excel format. Included in the report is the data collected from the online worksheet so that the school is free to use the data for your own purposes after.

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If you need more information about the Game Addiction Talk, please feel free to contact us.