TeleTrip Workshop

A social and emotional learning through video games workshop

About TeleTrip Workshop

TeleTrip Workshop is designed for social & emotional learning in the natural setting of play among peers. 

TeleTrip Workshop starts off with TeleTalk where students learn about the importance of teamwork,  communication and open-mindedness. 

The teams will play against each other at TeleMatch. The teams have to stop after every game for a brief team coaching. This also breaks the habit of immediately starting a new game after a game is over. 

Prizes are awarded not only to the winners, but also for Best Teamwork, MVP and Best Support.

Group photo for students at TeleTrip Workshop at Temasek Polytechnic


There is no fixed game title that we use for TeleTrip Workshop. Our suggestion is to choose game titles based on the following criteria:

  • Popular among the students for maximum engagement and interest
  • Team-based games
  • Mobile game titles

Depending on the game title chosen for the TeleTrip Workshop, it takes about 3 hours to complete the workshop. 

At TeleTrip Workshop, it is designed so that students unlearn some inhibitive gaming habits to learn new and healthy habits. This process should be consecutive and immediate. Quite a bit of this process is lost when broken into 2 sessions. 

We understand that sometimes it is difficult for schools to have a block of 4-5 hours within a day. Perhaps a good time to run TeleTrip Workshop is after exams before the school holidays. Otherwise, we can split it into 2 days but do note that the impact is not ideal.

The minimum number is 20 so that there is sufficient teams for meaningful play at TeleMatch. 

The maximum number of participants is 80. 

Please note that the number of participants should be in the multiple of the team size so that each team will have sufficient number of players. 

TeleTrip Workshop is suitable for Primary 5 and above. 

This is a fully onsite workshop as our facilitators need to be present with the students to observe the students while they are playing and interacting with one another for effective coaching. 

As we will be using mobile game titles, this means that each student will need to have their mobile device. Depending on the game title, some games are better played on mobile phones. 

Schools will need:

  1. Wifi (if not available, we can provide rental)
  2. Electrical Power Points for charging of mobile devices 
  3. Projector Screen with HDMI input
  4. Microphone and speakers if classroom is rather large
  5. Tables and chairs. Each team will sit together.
  6. School to remind students to bring their charger
  7. A prize table to place the prizes  

We are able to provide rental of wifi for the students during TeleTrip Workshop.

Please note that additional charges for rental of wifi will be applied.

TeleTrip Workshop is a highly engaging and fun workshop

If you need more information about TeleTrip Workshop, please feel free to contact us.