Towards a socially and emotionally connected world


In October 2022, the operations and programmes of our sister company SOOS OIO were officially moved to COMEBACK. This merging brings COMEBACK beyond the intervention services for gamers that we have been providing since September 2019. We believe this convergence will enable us to have a more coherent impact on youths, families, schools and beyond, while gaming remains as our main platform and tool for engagement. 

SOOS OIO was a social enterprise registered on 21 September 2015 working in the area of arts and media. In 2019, we started to move into the gaming space, launching TeleTrip to build a positively vibrant and fun gaming community. Other programmes were birthed like the Parents Webinar: Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Dependency. We also designed and produced programmes for schools. SOOS OIO is all about fun and positive gaming.

COMEBACK was started on 21 September 2019 as an intervention service for game dependency when the need for professional support was rising. 

As both companies grew, it became clear that all these efforts should come together as a coherent whole for greater impact and synergy. Thus the decision was made to move all programmes and operations of SOOS OIO to COMEBACK. COMEBACK is rebranded to bring everything together. We chose to retain the logo of SOOS OIO, which is a face of a person and also to signify the continuity of SOOS OIO’s work.

We love the name COMEBACK. COMEBACK is a word that depicts a turnaround despite all odds. We love that COMEBACK embodies hope, perseverance, never-give-up spirit and most importantly, VICTORY.  

OUR Vision

Towards a socially and emotionally connected world

The bottomline of why we do what we do is human relations and connections. While technological advancement makes connection more convenient, it is up to us as human to make connections meaningful. Meaningful connection with people is a very intentional decision and action. 

Our Tagline – Person 2 Person

Person 2 Person reflects the principle that undergirds our use of media and technology, acknowledging the personhood of people behind devices.  


The mission of COMEBACK is to touch and transform lives, culture, families, communities and nations through:

  1. Harnessing the benefits of video games through Intentional use of video games for:

    – Recreation
    – Training
    – Bonding

  2. Evidence-based professional therapy consultation to gamers and their families by our team who understands the gaming culture and struggles as gamers.


We work towards
Building and Bonding Lives with the
Integrity of Heart and
Excellence in Delivery through
Enjoyable Experiences

Our Services & Programmes


Our services and programmes are categorized into three divisions – Training, Engagement and Therapy. We reach out to children, young people, schools and parents. Click on each division to find out more!


Nicholas Aaron Khoo

In Mr Khoo’s diversified career spanning over 20 years, he has worked with both tech startups and Fortune 500 CEOs. He has also provided leadership in Asia Pacific and Japan for a consulting team in Visa and is currently COO at NASDAQ-listed Global Star Acquisition Inc.

Formerly the Chairman of Singapore’s Cybersports & Online Gaming Association, Mr. Khoo served three terms as Council Member of the National Youth Council. Besides having millions of Singaporeans attending its events in person, it was during his leadership that SCOGA set up a National Esports Academy to develop and support youth aspirations in esports with more than 1000 students to date.

Mr. Khoo also chaired the national Splash Awards committee working closely with the Ministry of Education to encourage students to use tech to bring Singaporeans closer together, improve cyber wellness, and use technology to reimagine education and work in the next 50 years.

Other past appointments include Internet and Media Advisory Committee Member, Vision 2030 Gen Z Sub Committee Member, and Outward Bound Singapore Leadership & Service Award Selection Committee Chairperson.

In 2018, Mr. Khoo was honoured both as a Friend of the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth as well as the Ministry of Social and Family Development. In 2021, Mr. Khoo was awarded the Minister for Home Affairs National Day Awards.

Nicholas Gabriel Lim

Faculty of William Glasser Institute International & Singapore
Basic Instructor and Practicum Supervisor Registered Psychologist, Singapore (SRP)
Approved Clinical Supervisor, Singapore (SRP)
SRP Reg. No: 008090148

M.A. Applied Psychology (Singapore)
B.A. Psychology (Australia)
Certified Practitioner for Adventure Therapy
Certified Associate in Emergenetics Profiling
Certified Practitioner in Therapeutic Behavior Management

As a Choice Theory influenced psychologist, Nicholas has developed a deep interest in the way thinking affects people’s behaviours. As a result, he leverages neuroscience to further inform his practice. He also promotes healthy development of thoughts and behaviours, and the understanding of how it can be achieved. He believes individuals can improve their quality of life through effective management of their thoughts and behaviours.

Nicholas volunteers his time and expertise as much as he can to different causes. The one that he is most passionate about involves families and young persons. He volunteers on advisory councils, boards of non-profit organisations; he also educates young and learned minds in psychology, and supervises budding psychologists in their field practicums. In his free time, he enjoys spending time being with his wife and three children.

Nicholas-Gabriel-Lim Square

Pauline Phoon

Pauline Phoon is the founder of COMEBACK PTE LTD and SOOS OIO LLP. She is a member of the Media Literacy Council and also part of Interagency Taskforce on Mental Health and Well-being Workgroup 1 (Youth and Family Track) led by Dr Janil Puthucheary, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of Health 

Pauline noticed the societal and relational gaps that were being formed with the meteoric rise of gaming, and so she began to first plug those gaps with simple engagement activities for gamers.

As her understanding of the psychology of games and gamers deepened, she developed various training programmes which continued to expand over the years. Her programmes and events are continually being refined as she factors in the changing landscape of the gaming world.

Pauline is mindfully aware of the potential of the positive, as well as negative, benefits of gaming, and aims to maximize the former, while being fully cognisant of the latter.

Ms Phoon has been in the forefront of Youth Culture for more than a decade through Monsoon Productions Pte Ltd and Soulmanna Live Pte Ltd. She was the first to introduce the YouTube wave from the United States into the Asia Pacific, working with first generation Asian American YouTubers like David Choi, Ryan Higa, Wong Fu Productions, etc.

In her leisure time, Pauline loves to sketch and draw amongst her other hobbies, and is also looking forward to enjoying more travels in the near future.

Pauline Phoon 600x600

Advisory Board

Elim Chew

Elim Chew is the Founder of 77th Street, a streetwear retail brand and FastFast, an instant delivery service app. After retiring from retail in 2016, Elim and her siblings ventured into the Food & Beverage industry and currently own six restaurants, including I’m Kim Korean BBQ, GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet and Captain Kim Korean BBQ (halal-certified). She sits on more than 20 boards and committees of public service, youth and community organizations, and is humbled by awards in both entrepreneurship and philanthropy. As a mentor and friend to many youths and aspiring entrepreneurs/ social entrepreneurs, Elim hopes to encourage more people to rise up and be the change they want to see. She has a YouTube channel ‘elimchewtv’ that features changemakers from all walks of life who are making a positive impact in society.

COMEBACK is a social enterprise with raiSE

Registered Name: COMEBACK PTE LTD 
UEN No: 201931639K