Managing Excessive Gaming

This is a 3-hour long workshop that is designed and conducted for Singapore Ministry of Education CCE Key Personnels Professional Development, Module 3C Managing Excessive Gaming. 

We have conducted 15 sessions of this workshop by end 2022 for the teachers from the Ministry of Education. 

About Managing Excessive Gaming - A Teachers Workshop

There are three parts to the workshop,

1. Understanding Games which covers (a) the current gaming landscape including popular genres of games, (b) components of a game that makes gaming so attractive, and (c) experience playing a mobile game

2. Understanding Excessive Gaming and Gamers – The differences between game addiction and game dependency will be explained. The four gamer player types will be introduced as a useful tool for teachers to deeper understand the students’ motivations to strategize support.

3. Supporting Students with Excessive Gaming – Through group discussions based on different scenarios and a case study, teachers will apply the new information learnt.

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For schools, it is best to attend this workshop via MOE unless your school will like to have a separate session for your teachers. You can contact us for more info.