Our engagement efforts are focused on gamers through TeleTrip.

TeleTrip is a gamers community with community tournaments and events. Below are some of the events:


TeleMatch is a one-day community competition. Here’s some of our unique features:

  • No FRO (First-Round Out) with our round-robin group stage format. 
  • Players can register as a team or solo, leaving the matchmaking to us.
  • TeleMatch can be livestreamed and casted by community casters. 
  • Prizes are not only for the winning teams but also for those who display teamwork and perseverance. 
  • Our unique tournament system allows for hundreds of player to play simultaneously during group stage. A massive play together!

Some Benefits of TeleMatch:

  • Social – Gaming is a great way to make new friends.
  • Bonding – Friends and families enjoy & appreciate one another when working towards their goals. 
  • Recreation – Playing together is a great way to release stress from our daily lives. 
  • Strategic Thinking – Through a game, players need to play on their strengths and cover one another’s weaknesses while evaluating their opponent.
  • Teamwork: Everyone has a part to play, even the weakest player. 
  • Communication: A match is test of how well the team communicates with one another under pressure.  
We are honoured to have Minister Tan Kiat How to join one of the teams at TeleMatch Brawl Stars for a game on 22 May 2022 during Digital for Life Festival.
TeleTrip brought us to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to watch Mobile Legends Bang Bang M1 in 2019.


TeleTrip is the full community gaming experience of face-to-face bonding and learning.

TeleTrip only allows for individual registration where players are shuffled into balanced teams. TeleTalk kickstarts TeleTrip with fundamentals of teamwork and roles in the game. The teams will pit against each other in TeleMatch. After each game, a short team coaching will be provided to every team. The day ends over dinner together.

TeleTrip can also be in the form of a fun trip, usually overseas, to a major gaming event.

TeleTrip Festival

TeleTrip Festival brings together TeleMatch game titles for a massive game play during the Finals. This is to encourage interaction between players of different games. 

Here are the finalists of TeleTrip Festival 2022 at Digital for Life Festival!


Social Service Agency, Youth Centres and Youth Organisations

For youth centres, social service agencies and organisations that want to engage your communities through gaming, TeleMatch allows your organisation to be part of TeleMatch while having your youths in your premise, taken care by your own staff. Contact us for more details. 

TeleTrip has its own website and social media accounts. If you will like to receive updates and join our community gaming events, please follow TeleTrip’s social media by clicking on the respective social media icons. 

We have also private Facebook Groups for the various game titles that we play at TeleTrip. The groups are kept private so that we can keep away spams. Click on the respective FB groups below to join.