COMEBACK – A Game Dependency Intervention Service for Gamers by Gamers

Video games of the present are nothing like the past. With enhanced visual graphics and widespread accessibility, many gamers now find themselves more susceptible to gaming excessively and compulsively, affecting their relationships and neglecting other life priorities.

COMEBACK specializes in treatments for Game Addiction and Game Dependency, on top of other psychological conditions such as Depression, ADHD, and many more. These interventions are offered by our team of professional psychologists who are gamers themselves. Hence, we not only understand the draws and pitfalls of gaming, but are also insightful in harnessing the positive benefits of it.

As video games become an integral part of the lives of this generation and beyond, our approach at COMEBACK is to help gamers learn that they can achieve balance in various aspects of their lives. Through personal consultations and working closely with the family members, we delve deep into the root causes of the gamer’s behavior and help them develop deeper insight and renewed motivation toward what is important.

NOTE: COMEBACK Program is paused since COVID due to the physical risk to conducting group therapy. Personal Consultation service with our psychologists are available. For enquiries, you can message us on Facebook Messenger or drop us a message on Contact. We will reply you within 1 working day. 


Personal Consultation with Psychologist

Personal Consultation with Psychologist

COMEBACK Psychologists are available for personal consultation for gamers and/or gamers' parents who require more personalized and private sessions.
COMEBACK Interview Assessment

COMEBACK Interview Assessment

The COMEBACK Interview Assessment is done by COMEBACK Psychologist who is trained to assess your game dependency and make recommendations. This is a required step for enrolment into COMEBACK. You will receive a professional report after the interview, which includes your game dependency evaluation and recommendations.


COMEBACK Program is a 6-sessions group program of 30 hours designed for gamers. It is developed based on the principles of Alcoholic Anonymous 12-Steps and evidence-based practice. PAUSE TILL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO COVID.

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Understanding Games and Gamers is put together for non-gamers who are trying to understand games and gamers. It is also for gamers to have a better understanding of games and themselves. Game design enables understanding games in a more structured manner and provides reason behind the draw and attraction of games. Gamer types are mapped to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® from which we know more about player motivations.


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