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Game Player Types and its Influence on Game Dependency

When we have the data in 2020, it was to gain a better understanding so that we can better tailor our programmes and therapy to the needs of the young people we work with. There was no intention to write a paper. Dr Hee Jhee Jiow reached out to us because of what we do for a casual chat. Little did we know that the casual chat led to writing a paper. We presented the paper at IAMCR Beijing 2022 and after that, we were invited to submit this paper to the International Journal of Film and Media Arts. We are so thankful for the favour and grace given to us to continue the work we do.

Summary of the Research

Our study has 2 hypothesis. The first is that Achievers will be positively associated with Game Dependency, and the second, Socializers and Explorers will be negatively associated with Game Dependency. To know more about our 4 Gamer Player Types, you can watch the video at: or read the article at Below is a paragraph from the paper:

“Our hypotheses (H1 & H2) were supported. It was found that Achiever player types were positively correlated (H1) with game dependency (r=0.272), which is consistent with the literature. It was also found that Socializer and Explorer types had negative correlations (H2) with game dependency (r=- 0.075* and r=-0.235 respectively), while Guru player types had no statistically significant relationship with game dependency.”

Jiow, H. J., Poh, X. Y., Phoon, P., & Lim, N. G. (2023). Game Player Types and its Influence on Game Dependency. International Journal of Film and Media Arts8(1), 94.

Achievers are more susceptible to game dependency which does align to the common observation that gaming is a form of escape. This result gives us a little more insight that many Achievers are escaping from low or lack of achievements in the real world to games where they are able to achieve wins and recognition. This information is key for Achievers to understand themselves and watch out for the pitfalls and also for family and friends give them the affirmation they need. For Socializers, since their focus is on friends and relationships, they will adjust and move according to the people around them. If their friends choose to change a game, or decide to do another activity other than gaming, they will make the change. Whereas for Explorer, their curiosity for new things will keep them on their toes and not stuck to one.

Link to the Research Paper

You can download the full research paper at The download is free access without the need of subscription or login. Another huge thanksgiving!