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COMEBACK 2023 in a Snapshot

2023 is quite a year where two global wars started and still on going. On the positive note, we are thankful that the pandemic is over and normalcy of life is back.
COMEBACK has continued to provide workshops to MOE teachers and also ran our school programmes of Game Addiction Talk and TeleTrip Workshop. Our annual Parents Webinar: Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Dependency also happened in May 2023.

Quietly behind the scenes, COMEBACK psychologists have been providing therapy and support to gamers. The success stories of these youths have been great encouragement to us to keep going.

COMEBACK 2023 in a Snapshot

Pakistan Educators and Parents Workshop

Together with Tencent and partners in Pakistan, we ran 3 workshops for educators and parents. The attendees were present onsite, while our COMEBACK CEO & Founder, Pauline Phoon,  conducted the session online. 

Research Paper 

Our research paper on Gamer Player Types and its Influence on Game Dependency was published. You can download and read the paper for free at 

COMEBACK 2023 in a Snapshot

Tokyo Game Show 2023

We attended Tokyo Game Show with the invitation of the organisers. Maybe next year we will be able to participate in the Tokyo Game Show in some way! 

Digital for Life Festival 2023

We ended 2023 at the Digital for Life Festival 2023 over 3 weekends! We had a booth and also conducted our Parenting Challenge Workshops and TeleMatch Pokémon UNITE. The COMEBACK Team had a good and meaningful time connecting with the community, from children all the way to seniors. Below are 2 highlight videos of the festival weekends.

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