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Board Games for the Family

With the rise of online video games, many forget how fun it is to spend time with loved ones offline.   In this article, we will be introducing board games that the family can have fun and bond together while developing soft skills.

1. Sushi Go Party

Board Games for the Family

Genre: Party Card Game
Play Time: 20 minutes
Players: Up to 8 players

Sushi Go Party is a fun, sushi-themed card game that engages everyone, from the young to the mature.  The goal is to earn as many points as possible with the combination of cards, based on the “menu”. These “menus” can be customized and represent the cards which will be played. The game ends after three rounds and points will be calculated.

Despite its cute appearance, rounds of Sushi Go Party can reinforce strategic thinking and visual discrimination. It also introduces the idea of investing as “dessert” cards will only take effect at the end of the game. We suggest that parents find out how your child values each card and take this opportunity to discuss planning after each game.

Watch how to play Sushi Go Party:

2. Codenames


Board Games for FamiliesGenre: Social Deduction/ Word Game
Play Time: 10 to 15 minutes
Players: Up to 8 players

Codenames is a party game based on communication. Players are separated into two teams, representing the blue and red agents. Teams nominate a “spymaster”, who will try to give a word that will provide a hint on where the spies are. Players attempt to guess where their agents are while avoiding the opposing agents, bystanders and assassins. The game ends when a team identifies all their agents or when one team identifies an assassin.

Players get to improve in their language skills and concept identification as they are required to group similar words together. They also experience the impact of clear communication without assumptions. Throughout the game, parents can get to understand their children better.

For smaller families with two or three players who want to try Codenames, you can play “spymaster” instead.

Watch how to play Codenames:

3. Cluedo

Board Games for Families

Genre: Murder-Mystery Board Game
Play Time: 10 to 60 minutes
Players: 3 to 6 players

When it comes to murder-mystery board games, Cluedo is a classic detective game that never fails to bring hours of suspense. The goal is to determine three key information: the murderer, the murder weapon and the place where the murder took place. Each player plays as a suspect and guess the right answer, while moving (or moving others) around the board.

With its slow pace, families can have small talks over the board game while encouraging children to think through what they need to consider in order to solve the mystery. Take this opportunity to start a conversation with your children by sharing the games from your childhood days.

Watch how to play Cluedo:

4. Dixit

Board Games for Families

Genre: Storytelling Card Game
Play Time: 30 minutes
Players: 3 to 6 players

Let your creativity flow in Dixit, a storytelling card game. In Dixit, the goal is to be the first to reach 30 points or most points when the card runs out. In order to gain points, players have to guess the right cards chosen or describe the cards if they are the storytellers. Players then vote on which card they think is the storyteller’s and are awarded accordingly. Points are only awarded to the storyteller only if some players guessed the right card, so it is important to describe subtly and not make it obvious.

Playing Dixit is a good way to express and get to know each other through the cards. Find opportunities to connect with your child by finding out why they have described the card in an interesting way.

Watch how to play Dixit:

5. Spot It!

Board Games for Families

Genre: Pattern Recognition Card Game
Play Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Players: Up to 8 players

As the name suggest, Spot it! is a simple game of finding the common image shown in two cards. Whenever the player identifies the common image, the card is collected and the next card is revealed. These images usually differ in size, making it challenging to spot. The game ends when the card runs out and the winner is determined by the player who has the most cards.

Despite its simple rules and gameplay, Spot it! is fun and exciting for all ages. There are also different ways to play the game: Playing time can also be adapted to your schedule, for example, the first player who reaches 10 cards wins.

Watch how to play Spot it!:


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