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Date: 12 Nov 2022 (Sat) 
Time: 9.00am – 12.00pm
Cost: Free
Venue: Zoom Webinar

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时间:9.00上午 – 12.00下午
场地:Zoom Webinar

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About this Webinar 关于网络研讨会

We have decided to do another webinar this 2022 due to the unexpected demand in May where 1,000 slots were taken up within 2 weeks. This Parents Webinar will include Mandarin simultaneous translation. This means that participants can choose English or Mandarin for their audio on Zoom.  

With the increase accessibility of mobile devices, parents increasingly need to manage your children’s gaming. Games are here to stay and will be part of our lives. Complete embargo of games for your child and youth will mean social and technology isolation. On the other hand excessive gaming can be a very real issue for some gamers. Yet, game dependency, or some termed gaming addiction, is rarely on the clinical radar as a cause or contributor to educational or behavioural difficulties for which psychological services were being sought as compared to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), conduct disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, insomnia, and mood deregulation.

For this Parents Webinar, we seek to equip parents with frameworks to help parents better understand games, gamers and game dependency. With better understanding of games and your child’s gaming motivations, parent-child communication and relationship can be improved. Developed from the understanding of a youth’s brain development, various communication strategies will be examined.

For this webinar, we have 2 invited speakers. The first invited guest speaker is Wil Wells, Creative Director of Level Infinite. He will share with you what goes behind the design of video games and how games can be fun and interactive from the perspective of a video game designer. From the insights of Wil, we will have a deeper understanding of games so that parents know how to navigate this world with our children. The second invited speaker is Alsen Chanamuto from the Centre for Fathering who will be sharing with us the importance of fathers, especially gaming fathers, and your impact and influence on your gaming children as a gaming father and educator himself.  

The webinar is facilitated by Pauline Phoon the Founder of COMEBACK, with COMEBACK Psychologists, Nicholas Gabriel Lim and Poh Xing Yong sharing their insights and recommendations. 

由于 5 月份我们的家长网络研讨会两周内 1,000 个名额已经爆满,我们决定在 2022 年举办多一场网络研讨会。本次家长网络研讨会将配有中文同声传译。参与者可以选择英语或中文作为你们在 Zoom 上的音频。

随着手机的普遍,父母越来越需要关注孩子玩电动游戏。随着电动游戏的发展,它已经成为我们生活的一部分。如果完全禁止您的孩子和青少年玩电动游戏将意味着社交和科技隔离,但不受约束的玩电动游戏会对孩子有不良的影响。然而,与注意力缺陷多动障碍 (ADHD)、失眠、情绪失调和其他心理状况相比,沉迷游戏,或游戏成瘾,通常在心理学临床检验上不算是学习和行为问题的原因。


这次的研讨会,我们很荣幸的邀请到两位特别讲员。第一位是 Wil WellsLevel Infinite 的创意总监 。他将与您分享电动游戏的基本结构以及从游戏开发者的角度解释电动游戏为何如此吸引玩家。从Wil对电子游戏的知识分享,我们将对电动游戏有更深的理解,给予家长多一些知识与孩子共同度过这青年期。第二位是 Alsen Chanamuto,好爸爸中心 的学校参与经理。身为教育者和喜爱电动游戏的父亲,Alsen会探讨父亲们在孩子电动游戏行为和成长过程中所扮演的重要角色。

这家长网络研讨会由 COMEBACK 创始人 Pauline Phoon 主持。COMEBACK 心理学家 Nicholas Gabriel LimPoh Xing Yong 将会分享他们的见解和建议。

A big thank you to Zhiying and team at MediaCorp 8 News for doing up such an insightful segment about gaming. They interviewed Pauline Phoon, COMEBACK founder and also Jane Kee (Huiyi) who attended our Parents Webinar this May. The team has condensed the much information that Pauline shared in a very concise manner for the last 2 minute. 

非常感谢新传媒新闻部的颜季莹和同事制作了如此有见地的游戏片段。他们采访了 COMEBACK 创始人 Pauline Phoon 和慧仪,她今年五月参与了我们的家长网络研讨会。在最后 2 分钟,制作组用非常简洁的方式浓缩了 Pauline 分享的信息。


About the Speakers 关于讲员

COMEBACK Speakers 网络研讨会讲员

Nicholas-Gabriel-Lim Square

Nicholas Gabriel Lim

COMEBACK Principal Psychologist
Nicholas Gabriel Lim is the principal psychologist and a board of director at COMEBACK. As a registered psychologist, he has worked with youths for 2 decades. He is the co-founder of the Youth Work Association (Singapore), a clinical supervisor to young budding psychologist, a youth mentor, and an author of the book Parents’ Playbook for Helping Youths Succeed and the ebook Understanding Adolescents, both under the main theme of Clash of the Mind and Heart. He has spent his career in the people, private and public sectors. All of which have been with youths, families, and advocates of youths. Given his depth and breadth of work with youths, he has been on various government advisory councils, like the Media Literacy Council and the National Council for Problem Gambling. Nicholas not only has Degrees in Psychology from the University of Queensland and the Nanyang Technological University, but also various clinical and practice certificates like for Youth Work Coaching and Supervision, Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, Adventure Therapy, and Therapeutic Behavior Management, just to name a few. He is currently reading law. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys reading a good book and heading to the gym. Together with his beautiful wife, he has three children. He lives by his favorite mantra, a life well reflected would be a life well lived!

Poh Xing Yong

COMEBACK Associate Psychologist
Xing Yong is an Associate Psychologist with COMEBACK. He has struggled with game dependency since Primary school, and now aims to help others overcome their similar struggles in game dependency using his past experiences and background in Psychology. He has completed his Psychology Degree (Honours), and is currently pursuing further studies in Counselling Psychology to further hone his skillsets.
Pauline Phoon 600×600

Pauline Phoon

Founder & CEO of COMEBACK
Pauline Phoon is the founder of COMEBACK PTE LTD and SOOS OIO LLP. Pauline noticed the societal and relational gaps that were being formed with the meteoric rise of gaming, and so she began to first plug those gaps with simple engagement activities for gamers. As her understanding of the psychology of games and gamers deepened, she developed various training programmes which continued to expand over the years. Her programmes and events are continually being refined as she factors in the changing landscape of the gaming world. Pauline is mindfully aware of the potential of the positive, as well as negative, benefits of gaming, and aims to maximize the former, while being fully cognisant of the latter.

Invited Speakers 特邀演讲嘉宾

Wil Wells

Wil Wells

Creative Director, Level Infinite
Wil is a marketing and entertainment industry veteran with over two decades of experience. He has worked on feature films and commercials, contributed to over 25 AAA game titles, and led dozens of Addy, One Show, and Webby-winning marketing campaigns. Originally starting his career as a character and compositing artist in California, he moved into 3D art and gaming where he won multiple Key Art of the Year awards for his work on game covers and movie posters. He then moved towards the art and creative direction where he was Senior Art Director on games and Creative Director for Brand and Marketing at Ubisoft. He now serves as Creative Director for Tencent’s Level Infinite and leads the Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG) Global Creative Centre team.

Alsen Chanamuto

Schools Engagement Manager, Centre for Fathering
Alsen has been happily married for 11 years and a father of 3 young children. He is a casual gamer and a fan of adventure games like Batman Arkham City and Assassins creed and sporting games like winning eleven and NBA as well as FPS games such as HALO. He is an experienced educator who has worked in the primary school sector for over a decade. He is a firm believer that the best degree of engagement for the best learning can be achieved by combining excellent facilitation with well-designed presentations. Combining his passion for education and parenting, he is currently serving as the Schools Engagement Manager (Primary Schools) at the Centre for Fathering to inspire parents, especially fathers, to be better role models and thereby, strengthen families.

About the Speakers 关于讲员

Parents Feedback

Greatest takeaway will be Nic’s session where I now fully understand the reasons why talking and giving advice to the youngsters nowadays often fell to deaf ears where their foolish acts will be repeatedly seen when their neurological development and functions are not fully matured enough to learn from their mistakes. Thank you for the inspiring session where all the speakers have delivered the topics very clearly and well which is easily digestible for us parents and I hope there will be more sessions like this which I can recommend to my friends as well. Though 3 hours may seem long but attending the session itself is actually short, considering there are so much to learn from.


Parents Webinar 21 May 2022

I really liked that the session started off with setting the audience’s perception about online games and gamers. It was an awakening moment for me to learn that video games are not wrong and even beneficial for development. I use to think that online gaming is not recommended for young children considering the possibility of being exposed to inappropriate content; and the effect on health and socio development etc. Next comes the section on child’s brain development – it may seem technical but understanding the science behind how our children respond to situation helps parents to reframe their perception on behaviours and hence being able to recalibrate our own responses to help our developing children create the right neuro pathways into their adolescent years and early adulthood.
Great tips and realistic examples were also given to illustrate the learnings throughout.
Thumbs up to the team!

Jane Kee

Parents Webinar 26 May 2021

The whole session was so informative and engaging that we were glued to the Zoom session for the entire 3+ hour session. At first I thought it was another boring talk. The format was superb with the honest sharing of past young gamers, an almost clinical look at the the issue and a moderator for the session. Our teenaged kids even watched part of it when they saw their familiar games being mentioned and opened the doors for some conversation. The panelists answered ALL questions, which was really useful for cross-sharing. My biggest takeaway was the heartfelt sharing from the 2 past gamers – gives a sense of realism to the entire session. Thanks so much for organising this superb sesson! Good job and well done! Will definitely encourage more parents to join future sessions!

Cindy Chua

Parents Webinar 21 Nov 2020

Special Thanks! 特别感谢

Special and sincere appreciation to the follow parents group for your support for this webinar and all the work you do for the parents:

If you are looking for parents who are in the same journey with you to support one another, or more parenting resources, please look through the groups and find one that suits you best! 

Resources for You

Understanding Games and Gamers is put together for both non-gamers and gamers. Understanding a little about game design empowers the gamer to have better control. Player motivations is explained through gamer types that are mapped to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

COMEBACK Parents Resource – Here’s a compilation of COMEBACK articles and videos that might be helpful to parents. 

Parents SOOS Group​

We welcome parents to join our private Parents Facebook Group that we put out updates occasionally, whenever  they are available. Please feel free to request to join and we will add you into the group.