Gamer Player Types Test

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1.Which is more enjoyable to you?
2.Which do you enjoy more in quests?
3.Would your friends describe you as someone who:
4.Which do you enjoy more in a multiplayer game?
5.Which would you rather have a private server to:
6.Which would you enjoy more as a multiplayer gamer?
7.What’s more important in a multiplayer game to you?
8.What’s more important to you?
9.You are being targeted by a strong enemy in a multiplayer game. Do you:
10.You’re a player in a multiplayer game, and about to go into an unexplored area. You have your choice of one more person for your party. Do you bring:
11.Someone has been killing you in a multiplayer game. Do you:
12.Which is more exciting?
13.Which would you enjoy more?
14.Is it better to be:
15.Would you rather:
16.A new patch has been updated. Which do you look forward to more?
17.In an online game, would you rather be known as:
18.Would you rather:
19.Do you tend to:
20.Which would you rather do:
21.In an online game, would rather be known for
22.Would you rather:
23.If you’re alone in an area, do you think about:
24.You learn that another player is targeting you. Do you:
25.You meet a new player. Do you think of them as:
26.In an online game, would you rather:
27.In an online game, would you be more prone to brag about:
28.Would you rather have:
29.Would you rather receive as a quest reward:
30.When playing a game, is it more fun to: