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COMEBACK is a program designed to help gamers gain mastery over games. Game dependency has caused many gamers to lose mastery of their lives, affecting their relationships with family & friends, and other important things in life. COMEBACK navigates the challenges of game dependency with the participants, helping them gain a deeper self-awareness within a community of gamers who understands. 

COMEBACK brings the participants through a process adapted from the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is globally recognized as one of the most effective rehabilitation programs. COMEBACK is a group program consisting of 10 to 25 participants per cycle. Participants are assigned to small groups. Each group has a trained Support, who is a facilitator or instructor who walks alongside the participants throughout the six sessions of COMEBACK. It takes six weeks to complete the six weekly sessions of COMEBACK. COMEBACK Express is available during Singapore school vacation that allows participants to complete the six sessions within three weeks, covering two sessions a week. 

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